Washington, DC / Jan. 3, 2013 / by Amy Rose

It's funny to think that I spent a year just driving around. Obviously we did stuff in between drives, but we were just cruising all year. Seeing different people, places, and things.

It feels nice to be back home in Texas, I'm still doing a lot of driving. My mom doesn't like driving and I drive her around. Usually it's short stuff, but this break is going to have a couple big drives around Houston - and if you've not been in Houston then it's hard to understand.

I live within Houston city limits, technically. But I'm a good 25 miles from downtown, which means on a good day I live like thirty/forty minutes from the city. In traffic? It means I live almost two hours away. And I'll have to make four long drives, some in an rush hour traffic. Eww.

This year we hit very little rush hour traffic - those moments seems to stick out more than others, but most of our year was spent out on empty roads. In most places they don't run you off the highway, or ride your bumper and flash their lights at you, or decide they want to be EXACTLY where you are. It was amazing, to think that there are people in Houston and many other cities that commute at least two hours a day while in other places it's almost nothing. Wild.

I'm looking forward to moving back to DC where driving will be a rare occurrence and public transportation my main mode of movement. And Uber cars. :)