Dreaming of Stanley

December 2011 / Dec. 14, 2011 / by Amy
Dreaming of Stanley

Our departure date of the 8th of January is very fast approaching. I'm in the midst of essay writing, which is actually more fun than it sounds, and I'm starting to get increasingly excited about getting over to the States. When I arrive in DC, it will be a crazy whirlwind of fun. Firstly, I'll finally get to meet Amy Rose and Steven. We've spoken several times and seen each other in all the glamor that is a webcam but it'll be great to finally meet them in person. 

We'll have Stanley back from the painters and I'll be really looking forward to seeing how he looks after his interior and exterior make-over. He was a very handsome bus anyway but I'm sure he'll look stunning once he's been painted. However, his new paint is certainly not the end of it. Once we have him back, we will be installing the bunk beds and shelving units, and sorting out everything else we'll need for living in the bus. 

I've sadly not been able to help with the building of the bunk beds but once I'm in DC, I'll be looking forward to helping hammer things into walls and glueing things to things, and doing whatever you do when converting the inside of a school bus to fit five people. I've not done much DIY before but I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm a quick learner and the power tools will be fun... If not, I'll happily sit at a sewing machine and make some curtains. That I can do. 

We'll also have our launch party to organise. We've already started the ball rolling but we're hoping to make it a big and fun event so it'll take some planning. There's also the exciting prospect of getting to use the equipment we have. I'm really looking forward to getting a master class in using the new camera from Steven. 

Essentially, I'm looking forward to getting going. There's a lot to do before I do leave and very little time in which to do it all, and I know I'll feel sad when I'm leaving family and friends but I'm looking forward to the holidays and in no time at all, I'll be in the USA, about to live on a bus...

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Image Credit: stuartpilbrow