December Re-cap

December 2011 / Jan. 1, 2012 / by Gelb
December Re-cap

We leave a week from yesterday. There is lots to do, make, and think about! But first, our recap for December:

With our departure inching ever nearer, December brought with it many developments for the project. We found ourselves paying much more attention to the practical aspects of preparation, and devoted much of our time to ensuring the mechanical processes are in place.

We started December by bringing on some great people in St Andrews who will be helping us discover stories and do research. Led by Naomi Wallis-Ryder, the team has already started coming up with lots of ideas, and chasing up leads. After a crash course in Podio, I think they'll be doing a bang-up job.

We have also started filming our first stories for the project! To give you a teaser, one is about two women who have set up a knitting group for prisoners in Maryland called 'Knitting Behind Bars'. The other is on a very innovative program at the University of Mary Washington called the $2 Day Challenge to help spread awareness of poverty and poverty related issues. 

The majority of the month has been taken up by buying equipment, and working on the bus. For several weeks, our friends at Jim Donnie's RV Center had our bus, Stanley, in their shop doing a whole manner of re-fitting and replacing of old systems and unusable parts. It was a huge job, but now we have a full water system, furnace, electrical system, and everything else we will need to survive life on the road.

We then took the bus up to Herman Born & Sons in Baltimore for a paint job. Stanley is now bright blue and white with black trimmings. A real eye-catcher - and definitely something to behold when driving down the road! We now have Stanley back at base, and are busy doing our own construction. So far, we have removed one large wooden ledge, and installed carpets. Slowly but surely, we're getting it all ready for the big move-in.

Over the next week, we will have lots to do! We leave Sunday, the 8th of January. We would really love it if you would come to see us off! We will be at the Landon School, from 2-4pm with Stanley getting ready to depart. Come and send us off in style! Check out for more information.

Image Credit: davedehetre