Crocheting a Giant Blanket

Minnesota / Sept. 10, 2012 / by Amy
Crocheting a Giant Blanket

Before we started out on our crazy year-long journey, I thought I’d have quite a bit of spare time to read, knit, and crochet. I didn’t bring along any books though, because of space constrictions but I did bring along some of my knitting and crochet supplies. 

I decided that this year would be a great time to get a crochet blanket done and so I bought myself some lovely yarn at the beginning of the year, thinking that, by the end, I’d have accumulated quite a large collection of crocheted squares. Enough, at least, to make a large dent in the some 200 squares it would take to complete the blanket. 

That, however, hasn’t quite happened. I’m now up to about 25 squares which, when put together, don’t really make enough to cover a pillow let alone create a large and warm blanket. 

Admittedly, this has happened because all that free time I hoped I might have has simply vanished into the ether. Obviously, we do have free time but because our schedule is so unpredictable, I usually spend what free time we have trying to catch up on work or just watching some tv and reading.  

I have taken some time away from crocheting my blanket by doing some knitting instead, which, while it won’t help me get anywhere with my blanket, is still a wonderful way to relax and enjoy a free moment. I’ve even managed to teach everyone on the bus how to knit which I’m quite happy with. 

I also do spend quite a bit of time reading and have recently decided I want to learn how to code a basic website, so I’ve been reading a very cool book about basic HTML and CSS. It’s taking a while for me to be able to remember the very large number of things it take to create even the most basic of websites. It is like learning a completely different language after all.

So, much like most of the things I decided I want to do, my crochet blanket is not coming together as quickly as I wish it would. In fact, when I think back to buying the yarn, the woman in the shop did look at me in surprise when I said I wanted to make a blanket with the yarn I’d picked and suggested I went with something that might crochet up a little faster. 

I said I had plenty of time to finish it and wasn’t in any rush but now I’m thinking that maybe I should have gone with a slightly bulkier yarn...

The point of making this blanket is not to have the end product as soon as possible. If it were, I’d just buy one. The point is that when making something, be it by sewing, crocheting, or knitting, it’s not the end product that is the only positive. 

The process of creating something, putting hours of joy and sometimes frustration into it, is the fun part, and makes the end product even more enjoyable. 

So, perhaps five or ten years from now, I’ll have completed my first ever crochet blanket. And hopefully, I’ll be very proud of it when it finally happens. 

Photo Credit: yvestown