Creative Chaos

Florida / Feb. 11, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Creative Chaos

We are definitely among the lucky. Our office is usually a really swish, decked out school bus - which when moving is awash with inspiration. Between the constantly changing scenery, the not insignificant amount of genius on the bus, and the constant flow of inspiration from our stories, it's no wonder we're all feeling proud of the work we're doing.

This week has been different - we've traded our beloved Stanley in for some pretty comfy accommodations. We've all got our own rooms, bathrooms that actually flush, and space to stretch out and think. Steven can work into the night without being disturbed, Chris doesn't have to command quiet or heard us from the bus to record, and naptime is only a closed door away.

It been a change of pace to be in a cream colored condo with consistent heat, water, and Internet access. It has enabled us to get through quite a bit of work that we had on backlog. And while we're not without moments of inspiration, there is definitely something missing. Even if workflow is quicker, I do miss the confined chaos of creating on a bus.

There is nothing like writing while whizzing through the Blue Ridge mountains, making a meal out of the dregs of the weeks groceries, or daydreaming about the world of possibilities in Charleston one day and then seeing a whole new world in Atlanta the next.

I'm stir crazy for the stress, I'm thankful for the peace, and I'm ready to be back on the road.