Cooking on Stanley

New Mexico / May 7, 2012 / by Amy
Cooking on Stanley

We’re very lucky to have a full kitchen on the bus. Well, I say a full kitchen but what I mean is we have most of what you need to make up a kitchen. Except space; everything it squeezed into a relatively small space.

We have a stove, oven and fridge, as well as a microwave and toaster oven. There isn’t much counter space though, and we work with a limited number of pots and pans that are great for everyday cooking but a little hard to juggle if you’re making anything that needs more depth than a frying pan and one pot. 

The other difficulties stem from the fact that the ‘preparation’ area also happens to be the only table in the bus and the kitchen space itself is also the corridor. It can be very pleasant cooking on the bus if everyone is in one place and the tv’s on. But if people are constantly moving back and forth as is only natural, it can be a much more difficult job. 

Everything works well though. When it decides to behave itself that is. Occasionally, our carbon monoxide and lp detector, which is there to prevent us all from unknowingly succumbing to horrible fumes, decides that there’s a leak when the stove is on. We don’t know why, I mean, clearly there is gas coming through the pipes but we mean it to. 

What’s frustrating about it is not only the terrifyingly loud and high-pitched beep it emits when it gets angry but the fact that, quite rightly I suppose, it cuts off the gas to the stove and oven. 

Maybe it was because it hadn’t made a noise in a while and it was feeling left out but it decided to do its job last night, shrill noise and all. 

So the meal I cooked up last night wasn’t quite what it was meant to be. Luckily, the pasta had been cooking long enough to be almost done and leaving it in the water for a little while helped it get to an edible stage. 

But because the oven wasn’t working, I couldn’t put it all together properly and bake it to make it extra tasty. It still came together okay in the end, and while not as tasty as the first time I made it, it was a decent, albeit ‘deconstructed’, version of a rigatoni & sausage bake. 

Don’t get me wrong, cooking on Stanley can be great fun and we’re very lucky to have a kitchen we can use so easily. It’s just the odd thing now and again that causes a little irritation. Though, mainly the irritation comes from eating late if the stove isn’t working...