Community Soundtrack: Zen and Jane

Virginia / Jan. 31, 2012 / by Chris
Community Soundtrack: Zen and Jane

Much as I love composing, the sheer volume of material we are trying to put out on Bus 52 is more than I can handle.  So from time to time we’ll be featuring the music of a variety of unsigned artists in our webisodes and profile pieces.  As a little ‘thank you’ to these musicians, I’ll be using this space to tell you more about the talented people who are helping make Bus 52 great (and keeping me sane in the process).

Our first webisode (premiering tonight at 6 pm EST) features the musical duo known as Zen and Jane.  Hailing from the Northeast region of Ohio, the group consists of Jenn Sanders on vocals, Zane Sanders on guitar and vocals, and guest studio musicians on bass, keyboard, and drums.  Jenn and Zane have been playing together since they met in 2005.  Their style falls somewhere in between folk and jazz; the music is driven by Zane’s acoustic guitar and Jenn’s catchy vocals, which maintain a depth of tone while still sounding sweet and inviting.

You can hear three of Zen and Jane’s songs in the episode tonight: “Encounters of the Mind,” from their latest Poetry EP, “Our Story” from the band’s debut album Introductions, and “Blithe Spirit” from Curiosity EP.

To hear more of Zen and Jane, or to purchase their music, head over to their page at  You can also get updates on upcoming shows and albums by following the band on Twitter and Facebook.

We are always looking for new music to use in our series.  If you are a musician or band who would like to contribute your music to Bus 52, you can submit your music here.  Know someone who you think might want to send us music? Send them this link: or recommend them with this form.