Nevada / June 3, 2012 / by Amy Rose

The minute we drove into Colorado, Steven knew it was the place for him. I've got to say that it made my very long list as well, especially Denver. What a great city!

The whole state was pretty breathtaking, I believe it's the first time we saw mountains of the magnitude that the Rockies presents. It's almost like the whole state is made of mountains! We drove into Colorado from Taos through snow, and I do believe it was the most snow we've seen so far. And the mountains - that was some serious elevation.

In Colorado Springs I had the chance to meet up with a good family friend and she took me around the city  - and I'm glad I had a tour guide. I knew nothing about Colorado Spring before setting foot in the city, and if not for her I would have missed the Garden of the Gods. Amazing red rock formations that are right in the city, surrounded by really lush vegetation.

I wish I got more photos of the mountains Amy and I drove through on our way to Steamboat Springs from Denver - I was driving so that would have been unsafe. But we drove through some pretty stellar views, hopefully you'll get to see some of the footage of our cruise through the mountains. But enjoy the photos I snapped for our quick trip through Colorado!