Coffee on the Corner

Virginia / Jan. 23, 2012 / by Amy
Coffee on the Corner

While we were in Staunton, VA last week, I had the chance to visit my first coffee shop of my year on Bus 52. I even managed to drag Amy Rose and Chris along with me to sample the atmosphere.

Coffee on the Corner sits, unsurprisingly, on the corner of East Beverley St and S Market Street. The inside is bright and airy thanks to the large windows at the front of the cafe and the light blue and white paint that covers the walls. There are some beautiful leather armchairs and a sofa which are extremely comfortable but there are chairs and tables perfect for those who prefer sitting up to eat or work. 

The counter runs along the back of the café walls and offers all sorts of delights. There is, as there should be in any good coffee shop, a lovely selection of cakes and cookies, at the ready to fill stomachs and fuel brain cells. The walls behind the counter are covered in blackboards that show the food and drinks menus, both of which offer a tantalizing selection of goodies.   

I had a medium chai latte, which was a very generous size and was extremely tasty. I'd very gladly have had a cup or two more if I'd had the time. We didn't have any food but I did get to see some of their toasted sandwiches and they looked very good. 

The atmosphere in Coffee on the Corner was lovely and we were able to work on important bus things thanks to their free internet connection. There was jazz playing softly over the speakers, loud enough to provide a lovely background to the usual cafe noises but quiet enough to allow for conversation and focus on any reading material. 

There's also an added touch that I really liked: a bookshelf with a small selection of books and local musicians' music for sale (which Chris took advantage of by buying himself a nice selection of cds). It's not an unusual feature for a coffee shop but it's great in case you'd accidentally gone out without a book (though, why would you?) and needed something to read with your coffee. 

Coffee on the Corner was a very lovely place to work and would be a great place to have a morning coffee. If you're ever in Staunton, I would highly recommend a visit.