Coffee and Chocolate

Tennessee / April 7, 2012 / by Amy
Coffee and Chocolate

While I love visiting all the places we go, I really enjoyed visiting Knoxville, TN. There are naturally places that I feel more of an affinity for and Knoxville was just one such place. It may have something to do with having found a café I would be quite happy to visit whenever I walked past... 

And with a name like 'Coffee and Chocolate', how could I resist the opportunity to visit this café? Sitting just around the corner from the vibrant Market Square in Knoxville, TN, Coffee and Chocolate is a small coffee shop with only a few tables. There are three high tables with very comfortable tall chairs, and a few other tables along with some leather armchairs. 

Chairs outside mean that you can sit and enjoy the sunshine, which was in full brightness the day we visited. I'm not sure how much sun and warm weather Knoxville gets, but the few days we were there were beautiful and I’m sure I’d take always be taking advantage of the outdoor seating here. 

Service is extremely quick - even if there's a queue, which there was most of the time we were there, the baristas will ensure your drink is with you in two shakes. 

I had a very spicy iced chai - one of the best I've tried thus far - and a double chocolate cookie. I say a cookie, which it was, but that doesn't do justice to it. It was absolutely delicious. Almost as good as the cookies I make, and I make good cookies. 

There was a very long list of drinks to order and an even larger selection of pastries and other such sweet things in a counter that sits temptingly near the entrance. However, true to their name, 'Coffee and Chocolate' also has a selection of chocolates in another counter.

The chocolates are each sold individually and have wonderful-sounding flavors and fillings. They're perfect gift for the chocolate-lover in your life and though I didn't get sample any, they did look absolutely delicious. 

There was also a lovely touch in the form of the 'Punch Card Daycare', a box in which you could keep your 'after 10 coffees, get one free' card, ensuring you never forget it. 

If I live in Knoxville, there's no doubt that my punch card would be in that box and I'm sure I'd get through it at a rate of knots, especially considering that the coffee shop is open until 11pm most nights!