Cherry Street Books

Minnesota / Sept. 17, 2012 / by Amy
Cherry Street Books

When we went to Alexandria, Minnesota to film our story about Operation Happy Note, we arrived much earlier than we thought we would so we were able to wander around the town. 

Now, it was a Sunday and there was very little open along the main street but one shop that was open, very luckily, was the lovely Cherry Street Books. 

This bookshop is of a very decent size and despite having a good number of books in it, feels very open. When I say a good number of books, it’s probably not as many as other shops of the same size I’ve been to this year, but it was very much quality over quantity. 

It feels very much like a shop that wants you to enjoy browsing and enjoy the books that are there, rather than cramming bookshelves into the space and then squeezing every book under the sun onto those shelves. 

There are smaller sections within the shop created by the placement of the bookshelves and it makes the shop very cozy. There are the usual groupings of non-fiction and fiction books, with a lot of books about the local area. 

The children’s and young adults’ area sits at the back and the shop has lost of little gift-y items dotted about the place. I almost succumbed to buying a book journal that contained several very long lists of book suggestions, but I managed to stay strong. 

What I loved about Cherry Street Books was that there was lovely music playing in the background and that there was a nice big seating area with four large armchairs, in the largest section that housed the classics, fiction and mystery books. 

Now, I will admit that each of the genres doesn’t have the largest selection of books in it but what I did love was that a lot of the books were ones that I hadn’t seen before or that perhaps aren’t the most obvious when you go into a larger chain bookstore.

There was also a bookshelf that displayed recommendations and book club ideas, a lot of which made it onto my long list of books to buy and read when I return to having space. 

The woman working there was very pleasant and just sat reading as we browsed, something that I think would be my dream job. Imagine owning or working in a bookshop where you can spend your time reading and then recommend other books to people who come in! 

Anyway, if I were a local to the area, Cherry Street Books would most definitely become a frequent haunt of mine and definitely makes it to my list of favorite bookshops this year!