Charleston, SC

South Carolina / Jan. 26, 2012 / by Steven
Charleston, SC

Charleston, SC

It would be impossible to accurately explore the Charleston cuisine in the short time that we spent there.

However, no matter what time you start during the day, the city is alive. There is a constant aroma that floods the downtown streets directing your nose in all directions.

We walked across most of Charleston and became tempted by every single coffee house, cafe, restaurant, and bar that we passed.

Our first pick was a pub on 38 Broad St.


38 Broad Street

Charleston, SC 29401

 The Blind Tiger Pub

The outside of the pub has a relaxed worn look.  We decided to head inside to check it out and grab a late lunch after walking around the city.

The inside of the Blind Tiger Pub has a dive bar feel.  The front facing windows allow for some overflow of light to reach the bar area.  The rest of the bar is dimly lit, setting up a really relaxed attitude.

Outside Seating

We ventured through the front of the pub and reached a door that led outside to the patio seating area.  The outside seating space is connected through wooden walkways and stone arches.

There were heated lamps outside for when it gets cold at night and an area for live music.

Now for the food.

The menu claims that the Blind Tiger pub is an authentic English pub.

This statement is sadly false. Most of the food listed on the menu was not what you would find in an authentic English pub.  

The beer list helped make up for the lack of English foods but only by a little.


I had the Reuben Sandwich.  It tasted pretty good and was consistent with a proper Reuben.

Bacon Burger

Rob had the Bacon Cheese Burger.  Fresh ingredients and a good size burger to fill the hunger.  The fries with both sandwiches were great.

Caprese Salad

Chris kept it light and ordered the Caprese Salad. Sloppy presentation, but solid flavors.

Blind Tiger

Overall the Blind Tiger Pub is a great place to grab lunch or dinner, hear some live music, and hang out with the gang. Prices were consistent with most restaurants in Charleston and the food was very fresh.

If you go, ask for Morgan.  She was a great waitress and a lot of fun.


Our second day hanging out in Charleston, SC was spent doing a lot of walking.  We found out very quickly that walking around new cities makes you extremely hungry and every single restaurant looks so inviting.

This next restaurant was a tip we got from the gentleman running the Manuscript Museum.


42 Morris St

Charleston, SC 29403

Dave's Carry-Out

The weather-worn bright blue walls on the outside of Dave’s Carry-Out can attest to the fact that it isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon at least.

For some tourists, this is a part of town they may never visit. We walked right by the place without noticing it on the way to the Manuscript Museum.

I’ve got to say if it wasn’t for the tip from the director of the museum, I may have never made it through Dave’s front door.

Inside Dave's

The inside isn’t glamourous, the seating is simple, and the menu is hand written. That’s how you know it is going to be good before you even take a bite.


We got the fried shrimp and vegetables.  According to the Manuscript director, this is the best shrimp you will get anywhere in Charleston.

I am a big fan of shrimp, cooked anyway Bubba can list.

The batter is really light, seasoned perfectly and surprisingly not greasy.  I never wanted it to end.

Dave's Carry-Out

If you go to Charleston for just a day or for a week, you have to get something to eat at Dave’s Take-Out.  You will be doing your stomach an injustice if you don’t.