California Dreaming

California / June 8, 2012 / by Steven
California Dreaming

I finally have made it coast to coast. It may not have been in the conventional way I have always thought of, but nonetheless I have touched the Pacific. In my industry, California is still the mecca of the film. Most directors, producers, cinematographers, production assistants and actors have a dream of making it big in LA. The dream of living the life of glamour and glory.

I have been surprised at how much I have loved some states that I never had any interest in before, but when it comes to California I have had expectations from the moment we entered the state. So far most of the expectations have been met.

1. California is absolutely stunning. From the beaches to the mountains, the geographic attributes this state has to offer are amazing and I have only see the southern half of the state so far. The beaches have tons of sand, nice waves, and great boardwalks to spend your day relaxing. These are the kinds of beaches that convert beach haters into sun-burnt lovers. The smaller mountains extend through most of the cities in the greater LA area. A lot of properties will have a nice mountain view perfect for the California sunset.

2. Traffic. It exists, there is a lot of it and you should probably get used to it because it isn't going to go away. The highways are massive and LA being the second most populated city in America, it puts a lot of cars on the asphalt. I know some people will defend the traffic and by all means it is not completely unbearable. However, it does have the potential to turn a very sane and level-headed person crazy. So just blast your AC, put on your guilty-pleasure song, and sing your heart out like an American Idol audition, you will get home quicker than you think.

3. Top Shelf People. California is known for having beautiful people. I know Katy Perry isn't a scientist, but apparently it has something to do with the water? It is the place where actors spend their days auditioning for parts and their nights waiting tables. The home of many stars, professional athletes, and the big wigs of society. Just walking through the shops today I could see the shopping habits of seasoned Californians. I swear some of the girls here can probably spot a product they want from a hundred yards away faster than a trained military sniper can find his target. I love the way people are always buzzing on the streets, a city always on the move.

I am really excited to see how the rest of my time goes here in Cali and if some of my other expectations are met! Can't wait to explore the northern half of the state!