California Dreamin'

California / June 17, 2012 / by Gelb
California Dreamin'

It's been a long week. We were finished with the oppressive heat of Arizona, and ready for California. Amy Chin and Steven had never been and we were all very excited. Our first stop was San Diego. 

We drove through Yuma in order for Amy Chin to catch up with her old boss. The heat was absolutely intense. By early evening, we got into the KOA in San Diego. The weather had changed so much in the few hours of driving - it was a lovely 75 degrees. We relaxed that night and got some work done.

Monday was our day to explore San Diego. Steven had a few places picked out for us to go, and Chris wanted to go into the ocean for a swim. We checked out the harbor, the beaches, and went for a nice drive through the middle of the city. We even tracked down a South African butcher and got ourselves hooked up with boerewors, pies, romany creams, all sorts of wonderful goodies. That night, we feasted on boerewors. It was glorious.

Tuesday we headed out from San Diego and made our way up to my cousin's place in Newport Beach. We swung by my goddaughter's school and showed the bus off to her class. Lots of little kids climbing all over Stanley - it was very difficult to get them off - they all wanted to come with us! After checking out the beach, we made our way up to my Aunt's house in Thousand Oaks. We were all exhaust from driving, but thankful we get to spend the night in real beds!

On Wednesday, we cleaned, and I mean cleaned, the bus. Everything was scrubbed and cleaned and buffed - Stanley was looking good! It was a tough day's work, but getting Stanley all clean and sorted out will make our return in a couple of weeks far easier.

After a day of work on Thursday, we took the bus to its parking spot early on Friday morning. We all then headed out to Santa Barbara to shoot the interview for our next story on Art From Scrap. We spoke with Cay Sanchez, the executive director and one of the founders. We then made our way back to Thousand Oaks and had several meetings about different strategies of getting our brand out to a wider audience. They were extremely helpful and useful to have. At the end of the day we had driven over 290 miles and were absolutely exhausted. Sleep was most welcome.

On Saturday, we went back to Santa Barbara to shoot the rest for the Art from Scrap piece - it really cool to see lots of little kids come in and get to work on their art pieces - all made from unused and thrown away items. The creativity was extraordinary, and the folks from Art From Scrap were absolutely fabulous. This will be a fun story.

After the weekend, we said goodbye to Amy Chin on Monday, and started to pack up and get ready to leave. We had a whirlwind week of getting ready and sorting out everything we had to in order for things to be set, before heading out early on Thursday.

We're all on a much-needed and well-deserved break until the 27th of June. Don't worry though, you'll still be able to get your Bus 52 fix every Tuesday and Thursday :)

Image courtesy: Public Domain Pictures