The Bus

July 2011 / July 19, 2011 / by Gelb
The Bus

The Bus 52 team has an exciting bit of news to share with you today: We have found a bus! That’s right, the colossal behemoth that is the vehicle of our dreams has become available. The only problem is, it’s come a little too soon.

Bus 52 is all about the trip - traveling America in search of community success. But it’s also about planning. Lots of planning. From emails, to interview requests, sponsorship requests, budgets, endorsements and blog posts like this one, we have had to do a lot of work prioritizing certain things in order to be on a firmer footing.

So far, we’re pretty much on schedule. We’ve started the year pretty well. We successfully filed as a 501c3 non-profit, our fantastic website that’s under construction (from the good folks at Raw Jam ( will be ready soon, our fan base and following is growing larger by the day. The one thing we weren’t expecting to happen so soon was to find that perfect bus.

Now, why does he keep going on about this ‘perfect bus’? Surely there are lots of them out there?

Yes and no. Buses are interesting things and we had a few very important decisions to make at the very beginning (+1 for planning!) in order to make sure we were heading in the right direction. Do we get a bare School Bus and have it converted? Do we convert it ourselves? The first one would have been astronomical in price and the second one abominable in result. What we had decided on was to look for pre-converted school buses that we would be able to adapt to fit our needs. Things like a bathroom, kitchen, beds, etc. We had been planning to buy a bus that had all of this and then have additional work and customization done afterwards in order to mold it to our whims.

What we have found is a bus that fits about 90% of those needs. I’ll do a very detailed set of blogs about it when it is in our hands, however needless to say, it looks to be a quality product being sold by good people. I’m not saying there aren’t other perfect buses out there for us, however we’ve found one that’s pretty close. We want to go for it.

We do need some support from you, our friends and community. What we’re doing is saying that anyone who donates any amount in the next period will have their name written on the bus. That’s right! Your name will travel the country, seeing all the interesting places we find, just because of your donation here now.

Please take a minute to donate any amount. Just click here to donate: Please also tell your friends about it. This is a great project run by great people. Support it. Support us.