Boise Fry Company

Idaho / Aug. 18, 2012 / by Steven
Boise Fry Company

When I hear Idaho I immediately think of the potato. After doing some basic research I’ve found out that Idaho grows roughly two-thirds of the U.S. fall potato crop. That is huge! Idaho’s climate also contains rich soil and the availability to access mountain water helps make the potato possible.

It is no secret that America loves potatoes. We consume them cooked as many ways as we can think of and in our country the fry is the go-to pairing for many meals.

The Boise Fry Company (BFC) is the place to go when you need to fill your fry cravings. They have created a place for the fry to be treated like royalty. On their website they say, “For too long restaurants have persecuted fries, treated them like second-class citizens, stuffed them with preservatives and MSG, and forced them to share fryers with drumsticks and jalapeño poppers”.

The Boise Fry Company has made a stand for the fry and they have given it the leading role it deserves. When you order at BFC, you order a burger with your fries.

menu board

It isn’t hard to tell you how popular the potatoes are here. The sign in the doorway lists the open hours with a note next to it that reads, “Or until we run out of potatoes”. On any given day they can have multiple types of potatoes available that are cooked in different styles. You can choose from russet, gold, okinawa, yam, sweet, and purple potatoes prepared shoestring, regular, etc. If you are feeling fancy you can get The Bourgeois, the finest cut fries fried in duck fat and garnished with truffle salt.

The fries are cooked to ultimate perfection. I’ve had fries more times than I could ever count and not once have I actually noticed the fries as the forerunner. These fries have a crispy outer layer with a soft and fluffy core.


One of the things that makes a restaurant great, in addition to food, is the people that make the restaurant run. I never thought I would have questions about fries, but stepping into the BFC you suddenly have tons. The staff is awesome at answering questions about the different potatoes and are not afraid to be patient and help you order. It is quality service like this that only helps the fry’s effort to become the sole ruler of the potato industry.

I am sure there are other places in the United States that have amazing fries and that Boise, ID is not the sole contender. So far these are the best I have had in the United States and I will take any recommendations for locations that may be able to top it!