Biker Jim's Dogs: Veggie Style

Colorado / May 19, 2012 / by Steven
Biker Jim's Dogs: Veggie Style

How many people out there have had a vegetarian hot dog? I didn't even really think they were actually real until I had the chance to try one at Biker Jim's Dogs in Denver, CO.

I don't really know what was in it exactly, but I can tell you for being my first vegetarian hot dog, I don't really miss the absence of meat. It had an awesome amount of flavor. I recommend Biker Jim's for the simple fact that they have the most creative hot dog menu I have ever seen. You can get all different kinds of meat from pheasant, snake, to none at all and the usual. Give this place a try if you are in Denver. The line to the door for lunch speaks for itself.

So far I have really enjoyed my decision to become vegetarian. I have been able to work out all red meat and poultry and am currently working on omitting seafood and by-products like gelatin, which comes from animal slaughter. I can hear all the "proper" vegetarians out there already criticizing me, but fear not for I am doing my best to get to your level! I have not doubted my decision to give the vegetarian lifestyle a try and feel better about making what I eat in line with both my personal and health beliefs.

Photo Credit: Flickr: TheCulinaryGeek