Bethesda's Tastee Diner

January / Jan. 1, 2012 / by Steven
Bethesda's Tastee Diner

Hello 2012! A new year with a chance for new experiences, and more importantly, new restaurants to explore! My first meal of 2012 came only an hour after the countdown and was at Bethesda's famous Tastee Diner.  

The Tastee Diner now has three different locations since its creation in 1946.  Chris Simon, Robert Gelb, and I visited the Tastee Diner in Bethesda, MD.  The outside of the restaurant is as authentic as you can get and the bold white sign reading "Tastee" is like the "X" on a treasure map to satiation.  

Everyone that works at the Bethesda Tastee Diner is beyond friendly.  By the time you leave, it is very possible that you will have gained a few new friends and will be on your way to becoming a regular.  The decor of the diner is original and has booths equipped with jukeboxes and bar stools.  The menu covers everything from breakfast to dinner and late night sweets.  We stayed fairly simple - ordering cheese burgers, onion rings, and chili cheese fries.  The food was fresh and not extremely greasy which hit the spot! The diner is also known for an amazing milk shake. Another great thing about the Tastee Diner is that it doesn't drain your wallet.  Whether you are with a group of friends or by yourself, there are tons of different items that can fit any diner's budget.

The next time you are out seeing a late night movie or leaving a bar in Bethesda and need a late night meal to top off the night, check out the Tastee Diner and do you and your stomach a favor!