The Best Coffee This Year

Kentucky / April 2, 2012 / by Amy
The Best Coffee This Year

Before we had our first major breakdown and were thrown off our routine, I had been making everyone tea and coffee in the morning. I absolutely love drinking tea (something that might come as a surprise given my blogs about coffee shops) and there's little that comes close to having my first cup of tea in the morning - except perhaps my second cup of the morning. 

So, since I was getting up and putting the kettle on for my tea, I decided that I'd be nice (for once) and make tea or coffee for those who wanted it. Amy Rose and Chris don’t drink coffee so that was out but every so often, they will have tea. Gelb and Steven, however, will always drink coffee so I became used to making them their coffee, just the way they liked it, every morning. 

This is where I come to the meat of this blog post - the best coffee either Steven or Gelb have ever had is the coffee I make them in the morning. 

Yes, it may be hard to believe but it's true. I make very good coffee. 

It's not only about knowing how they want their coffee (with or without milk, one or two sugars) but about the way I make it. It's quite an elaborate process, as making a good cup of coffee always is, but it's worth it. 

The key to it is the way to cut open the packet of Via, how to pour it and the water into the mug, and most importantly, the way to stir it. 

As Steven says "It may just sound like she is cutting open the Via packet and pouring hot water over the instant grounds in my mug, but it is much much more than that. It's an art"

He continues, explaining that "They say that your body has a natural alarm clock. That it wakes up at the time when you are coming out of deep sleep when your body is rested. I don't have that, I have the smell of Amy Wallace's amazing coffee as my alarm. What do scientists know anyway?"

So while all the fancy coffee beans, espresso machines and milk steamers in the world might make a decent enough cup of coffee, it's probably nothing compared to the way I prepare coffee.