The Best of the Best

Alabama / March 4, 2012 / by Gelb
The Best of the Best

The simplest of problems always has a habit of tempting us into underestimating it. When faced with a growing number of unknown issues that develop from the just such a small problem, it is the manner in which the problem is dealt with that separates good from extraordinary. The folks at Long Lewis Western Star just outside Birmingham, AL showed what true service is.

Our problem sounded like a simple one. First, one set of lights would not turn off - our marker lights. We had to manually remove fuses each time we wanted the lights off or fear draining our bus's battery. We called up Mike at Long Lewis, they fitted us in, and got us on our way fast. It turned out the switch had been loose - simple fix.

We then found another problem - our headlights wouldn't turn on. A considerably more serious issue, to be sure. We called Mike and we brought Stanley back to Long Lewis to check out the problem. It also seemed to be simple - a loose wire perhaps.

Then the problems started mounting - Adam, the Long Lewis foreman found that whenever he would fix one problem, another would present itself. As the hours passed, we were getting restless, and he was probably asking what he had gotten himself into. Because Stanley is so old, wiring gets old, fuses get old and things just don't hold together as they should.

Adam and the team at Long Lewis worked tirelessly not just to sort out each problem as it popped up, but working to ensure other ones wouldn't keep happening. At first it was thought the entire fuse box would have to be replaced. After work, we were told that Adam went searching for available parts that would be compatible with our 1984 set-up.

He arrived early in the morning - before 6am, on a Saturday - to make sure things could get done. The whole team at Long Lewis were outstanding. They made us feel welcome, kept us updated, and Mike even brought us breakfast early in the morning. Adam managed to get us going after working 9 hours and still delivering our working bus quicker than expected. Mike has checked in to make sure everything is still working.

We can't praise the folks at Long Lewis Western Star enough. It was top quality work, and when faced with difficulty after difficulty, they were only more resolute, and made every effort to deliver service that was above any beyond what we were expecting.