Being the Polar Bear

California / July 17, 2012 / by Chris
Being the Polar Bear

I love water.

I love drinking it, to be sure. But it is also fantastic for water-gun fights, showers, babbling brooks, and my personal favorite: swimming.

I am by no means a "swimmer" in the athletic sense, but it has become almost a joke among the team that if there's a large body of water around, I will inevitably want to swim in it. We've discovered together that what everyone else calls "too cold to swim in" and what I call "too cold to swim in" are two very different water temperatures, with the majority feeling this temperature is "cold" and mine being "it's frozen on top and I can't get in it."

Maybe it was spending four years in Ohio, maybe I was just born without proper temperature sensors. Whatever the reason, my polar bear ways have allowed me to enjoy various bodies of water around the states at times I'm informed said bodies are not usually enjoyable. I know I will be a bit sad when we say goodbye to the Pacific - it has been one of my favorite bodies of water this year, period. But I hear there are an awful lot of lakes in Minnesota, and I'm sure if I ask nicely, someone will let me swim in one. 

Now, if only we were there in winter.