Behind The Music, Part 3

California / July 3, 2012 / by Chris
Behind The Music, Part 3

I'm sorry I ran out of Bon Jovi references for the title, but hopefully you'll still enjoy this continuing journey through some of my compositional process.

Comic Book ClassroomI let my inner geek (and my recently-acquired traveler electric guitar) go a little crazy on this one. The opening music is an arrangement of Patrick Doyle's brilliant score for the latest Thor movie - the song is called "Sons of Odin." Since I used a song from the Marvel comic book universe for the opening, I thought I would use one from DC comics for the closing - the melody comes from the opening of the animated series "The Justice League."

Foster Grandparent Program of Northern NevadaI thought a lot about the music in my grandmother's house when making this music - the two things that came to mind were her old record player and the music boxes she had. The music is run through a number of filters to mimic the tone of an old record player (I kept this effect pretty tame - the goal is to complement the video, not distract from it). The vibraphone at the end is the closest sound I could get to the sound of my grandmother's old music box.

Hero Pets 4 Hero Vets - The music for this video is a medley of the songs of the five US military branches - Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, and Air Force - bookended by 'Freedom Never Cries' by Five for Fighting. I only made one deviation from using the official songs of each branch - instead of 'Anchors Aweigh' I used the Navy Hymn, 'Eternal Father, Strong to Save.' The lyrics seemed a little more appropriate to the mission of Pets and Vets, and the hymn works very well musically as well. Since the music got cut off at the end, I thought I'd leave you this week with the full piece. Enjoy: