Behind the Music: Halfway There

California / June 19, 2012 / by Chris
Behind the Music: Halfway There

As we approach the halfway point of our journey, I thought it was about time to take a pause and reflect back on some of the music that I've composed. As we do more and more profile pieces, I find this kind of reflection increases in importance; it keeps the stories from earlier in the year fresh in my mind, and keeps all of the music from running together into mush in my head.

U R Awesome- There were two challenges I faced with the music for this piece: first, I was recording it in the midst of our first major bus-breakdown. Second: how do you write music awesome enough for a group called U R Awesome? In the end, I hope I did justice to Kemy and his amazing organization.

Swings Tampa Bay - There are moments as a composer where you have to try something you've never tried before. I seem to find those moments a lot on Bus 52 - one of them was when Steven came to me and said 'I've found music that's perfect for Swings - can you write something that's just like it, but not it?' I was quite happy with how this turned out - and, as far as he's told me, Steven was, too.

Recycle Bikes for Kids - I got a little bit of flack for the beat that starts this piece - it's built out of sounds around Ron King and company's bike repair area at Recycle Bikes. In the end, I'm glad we kept it - it captures some of light-hearted feel of the bike shop without distracting too terribly from the amazing story being told over it.