Behind the Music, Part 2

Alabama / April 3, 2012 / by Chris
Behind the Music, Part 2

I’m sharing my thoughts on what went into creating the various musical pieces you hear behind our profile pieces. If you’ve missed it, the behind-the-scenes look at our first three profile pieces is here. Otherwise, on with the stories!

Enchanted Closet – It felt wrong to have a story about empowering women and then have only me work on the music.  I enlisted the help of the one and only Amy Wallace, who wrote the chord progression on this one. If you listen closely, you can hear her singing as one of the melodic lines. Clearly I need to enlist her help more often, because this is one of the pieces I have been most happy with thus far.

Generous Garden – I get a lot of freedom with the music, but every once in a while, I do something that just plainly doesn’t work. Such was the case with my first draft of this music. I built a beat out of some of the many sounds we heard that day, from people hammering to rain falling to water splooshing (trust me, it was very cool). The only problem was, the beat didn’t work at all as a background track – it ended up sounding like our HD audio had been transformed into a record player, with a bunch of clicks, pops, and hisses. The good news is that we realized the problem in time for me to write new music, and as it just so happens we had just added our ukulele to our instrument collection on the bus. This music is the first song I’ve ever written on ukulele, the first recording done with this particular ukulele, and the first time I’ve recorded myself on any ukulele.  

Shirt Off my Back – One of my hopes in coming on Bus 52 is that I’d get to compose in styles I’d never tried before. The music for Shirt Off my Back is one song where I got to do so, and boy oh boy did I have fun with it. Hanging out with Laura and the SOMB team in the Publik Draft House, it became clear very quickly that the music for this needed to be a dance song, something that would fit in the bars and clubs where SOMB frequently does their photo shoots. I probably don’t have a future in DJ’ing, but this music was a blast to write, record, and put to video.