Bacon Turkey Hummus Burgers

Tennessee / April 5, 2012 / by Steven
Bacon Turkey Hummus Burgers

When Rob, Chris, and Amy Wallace headed to the east coast to pick up the van, Amy Rose and I decided to have a cook out and make something that contained some of our favorite foods.

Bacon. Hummus. Turkey.

Amy was able to remember a recipe for Bacon Hummus Turkey Burgers.

For such a long name, it is extremely easy to make. If you have ever prepared a burger for the grill you will be an expert at this recipe.


Take your ground turkey and spice to your liking. We lightly dusted ours with salt, pepper, garlic, and chili powder.


Next take some hummus and mix it in with the burger and spices. A good ratio is 4 to 1, meat to hummus. While you are mixing together your spices and meat, start sautéing some onions and spinach. We used a small pan over the charcoal grill.


After your onions and spinach have sautéed, throw down some bacon and make every neighbor within smelling distance jealous.


Mix in the onions and spinach into the meat and then mold and throw them onto the grill. The key is to flip once and let the flames do the work.


We topped our final product with some feta cheese and honey mustard but you can use whatever toppings you like. After all it is your burger not mine!