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Nevada / May 23, 2012 / by Amy Rose
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Life on the road not fancy.

I wouldn't say we're roughing it by any means. We've got the comfort of a cozy if cramped home on wheels to come back to everyday. I'm sure most people my age aren't eager to get back in a bunk bed and have four roommates, but it works for us. Being able to sleep in the same bed every night makes sleeping in a different place every night a little easier, and we get to own a little bit of space on the bus. 

We each have our own bed and couple nooks and crannies to call our own. There's a small pocked under Steven's bed that I like to keep little mementos and notebooks in, and there is a small crack between my bed and the wall that is home to books, notes, newspapers. I also tend to find myself tired earlier than the others, and shove the rope lights into that crevice. The bed itself is not quite the width of a twin bed, short by approximately four inches. It usually ends up holding other things that haven't found their way back into storage - for a month my winter coat was stuffed under my pillow.

My laptop and cell phone charge in what is more or less the middle of the hallway while I sleep. A thin curtain offers a little privacy, but due to my tendency to sleep like a spider monkey, it inevitably falls off in the middle of the night.

And no alarm clock on the bus, just Rob. Most days I get to wake up naturally, but on the days we have to get up for a shoot, or leave early for a long day of driving, we are roused by the too cheerful 'Good Morning!' of our fearless leader.