Back On the Road

Florida / Feb. 13, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Back On the Road

A joke that makes the rounds regularly in our little family of five is that I don't like to take showers - I let it slip on my first day meeting Gelb and Steven that I wasn't fond of taking showers. It does not seem that I'm going to be living this down any time in the near future.

Tomorrow we say good-bye to the creature comforts that come with a hotel or condo - a shower in your home, cleaning service, and cooperative electricity.  I took an extra long shower tonight for good measure and am going to kick the heat up a couple degrees.

Tonight is, what we hope, our last night away from Stanley for a while - knock on wood. Tomorrow we'll be driving from Tampa to Miami, and then begin the trek up the panhandle to get to Alabama.

While the break has been very restorative, it's time for us to hit the road again.