Art Feeds, Arches, and Trekkies

Missouri / April 25, 2012 / by Amy Rose
Art Feeds, Arches, and Trekkies

Missouri was amazing - we got to spend time in Joplin with Art Feeds and get a better idea of the great work Meg Bourne is doing there. Every story is exciting and inspiring, but it's great to see other young people really transforming their communities.

I was excited to spend time in St. Louis, I'd heard it was a cool town. Our first day was spent in the company of 17 dogs with Senior Dogs 4 Seniors, it was rough on my allergies but I just couldn't help myself around the sweet dogs they have for adoption. Later that week we spent a day with Circus Harmony, which just fed the kid in me in every way. My first professional aspiration was to be a pretty lady at the circus, I guess riding around the country on the bus is a pretty good consolation prize. Circus Harmony also operates out of one of the coolest museums I've ever seen, the City Museum. Definitely worth checking out if you make the trip.

We were able to go up in the St. Louis Arch - I personally found the experience terrifying. It was a beautiful view, but the ride up is quite cramped, shaky, and disorientating. At some point I'm sure a video will surface of my panic on the ride up. In the afternoon we explored the St. Louis Science Museum. They had a Star Trek exhibit that we all enjoyed. We may or may not have taken our fair share of cheesy photos and seriously geeked out for a few hours. All in all, St. Louis was a great trip.

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