Arriving in the dark

West Virginia / Oct. 15, 2012 / by Amy
Arriving in the dark

Now that we’ve traveling for ten months, we’ve become experts at unpacking the bus and hooking everything up as soon as we get into a campground. It takes far less time than it used to and we can even do it in the dark.

There have been many times that we arrive into the campground after dark, especially when we have long distances to go or, as is happening now, the days get shorter. It doesn’t really phase us, though. 

The biggest problem when getting into a campground in the dark is finding the spot we’ve been allocated. Getting into the space once we’ve found it is a piece of cake because Rob is excellent at maneuvering the bus, even in the dark, but sometimes, finding the site in the first place is less than fun. 

There are many campgrounds that have excellent maps which accurately reflect the size and shape of the area but others are less realistic and so finding the spot can be like trying to find a well-hidden treasure chest. In the dark. 

Once we’re in the spot though, we’re able to connect the water, sewer, electricity, and turn on the water heater - all of which takes place outside - with no problems at all. We’ve become so used to hooking everything up that it’s easy to do it, even if you can’t really see what you’re doing. 

It’s always an adventure arriving in the dark but it usually ends well and we always have the excitement of seeing what the area looks like once we’ve woken up in the morning. That is, after we’ve already tested the important things like the bathrooms and the internet....

Photo Credit: Flickr: Arjan Almekinders