California / June 17, 2012 / by Amy Rose

If there was ever a state so hot, and so dry, and so different then anything we've ever seen it would be Arizona. It was hot pretty much from the moment we drove into the state.

We started out our week in Arizona with a few days of break filled with a trip to Grand Canyon. It seems it's so great that they dropped the 'the' - but honestly it's like nothing I've ever seen. If you haven't seen it, you haven't seen it, and you won't get it until you go. It's majestic, it's mind blowing, and it barely looks real standing on a cliff looking out. We all snapped an insane amount of photos, I just put in a few in my photo album from Arizona, but if you want you can check out more you can check out our Facebook page. I feel less guilty posting an insane amount of photos there.

After Grand Canyon we spent a couple days in Cottonwood. We had the most brilliant surprise in our very good new friends Dana and Stepha. Dana saw our bus driving through town and started crying. She wanted to do something for us, so we met up and talked about what we were doing and what she was doing. She'd moved to Cottonwood after taking a trip there and had never left. We could see why pretty quickly.

They are massage therapists at one of the most beautiful and serene places I've ever seen - Mii Amo in Sedona valley. Holy cow - the red rocks were unbelievable, and getting to admire them in a pool was pretty cool. We got the VIP treatment, and it was unreal. We don't consider ourselves very VIP - we sleep in bunk beds, eat beans once a week, and our idea of a good time is watching The West Wing and eating cookies. But the team at Mii Amo welcomed us with open arms and gave us the time of our life.

We spent a few days in Phoenix and experienced our first days with weather over 100 - as a good Houstonian I managed pretty well, and having a pool at the campsite made it pretty easy. When we left Arizona, we made a pit stop in Yuma. I was able to see an old boss, good friend, and great mentor who had recently moved there. He grew up in Yuma so he was able to show me around.

Arizona was hot, but I wouldn't have minded a longer stay - but California was calling.