Kansas / April 14, 2012 / by Steven

I love having food-related apps on my iPhone and iPad and I recently discovered an app called Appetites. I am so impressed with it that I figured I would share it with my fellow food lovers and amateur cooks. 

The app was developed by Clear Media as a cooking app that takes the ordinary list of ingredients and instructions, and then raises the bar by incorporating videos of chefs showing you how to complete the process. Inside the app, there are a list of different dishes of all kinds. 

When you download the recipe there is a list of ingredients that makes shopping extremely easy. The steps to make the meal are filmed really well and allow people who have never lifted a knife or cooking utensil before to learn to cook.

I’ve downloaded an Irish Nachos recipe so far to check it out, and I am fully blown away. I am amazed at the quality of the video as well as the smoothness of the interface. I recommend this app for anyone who wants to start cooking or if you want to try something new and aren’t sure how to start!