And Now We Are Five

November 2011 / Nov. 13, 2011 / by Gelb
And Now We Are Five

The selection process began at the end of September. We had meetings to decide how to go about the whole thing. Listings were posted, questions answered, and 12 great candidates were narrowed down. Our selection process was long and every candidate got a pretty beefy write-up and lengthy discussion. I am very pleased to announce that our additional person will actually be two - Amy Rose Chin and Steven Hascher.

Amy and Steven bring an extraordinary amount of energy and know-how to Bus 52, and the same streak of mild insanity that has them in good company with the rest of us. When it came down to deciding, we felt strongly that it would have been a huge mistake to not bring either, and so we've worked out how to bring both.

Yesterday, Amy and Steven came to help put together some bunk-beds (post coming soon), and even though we had only spoken with each other once before, by the end of the night it seemed as if they were with the project from the beginning.

Instead of regaling you with descriptions of Amy and Steven, I'll let them do the talking themselves. Over the coming days, control of the blogs will fall to them and they will speak for themselves.

We are so excited to have Amy and Steven on board. The excitement that they have brought to the team within just the past few days has been so energizing. We cannot wait to get on the road and share their talents with the world.