A Day In The Life: Steven Hascher

Michigan / Oct. 4, 2012 / by Steven
A Day In The Life: Steven Hascher

This week we are doing A Day in the Life. So below is a rough break down of my day. Well at least the most average day I could think of. Our days are anything but average.

On shooting or traveling days we sometimes have to wake up early in the morning. These times can vary, but we are often up earlier than later most days. I absolutely hate waking up early in the morning because I have learned that I am not much of a morning person. After a shower and preparing my morning coffee I begin the process of waking up.

Most of the time shooting for our stories takes place between 10am and 6pm. Sometimes we are up before sunrise and sometimes we are out until the sun sets. Depending on where we have found a suitable campground, we sometimes have to drive a little ways to the story. I call this part of my day 'recoup time'. After we finish the story we either head back to the bus, go sightseeing, or head to a coffee shop.

End of Shooting - 9pm: COFFEE SHOP LIVING
We spend a lot of time in coffee shops. Mainly for two reasons: Free WiFi and caffeine. I love my coffee at all hours of the day and when you are working around the clock it pays to stay awake. Also, coffee shops allow us to access what is usually really good internet. This allows me to upload our profile pieces, write blogs, and complete our social media tasks.

After my day has completely finished I set aside as much time as I can to call my girlfriend, Jess. Traveling and working on the road is always hard on relationships, so we try and talk for a while every night. It always helps make my day feel complete and it pays to get the mind off work. She is definitely the medicine that keeps me sane and grounded while traveling.

People say their brain is the most creative at different times of the day. For me my creative mind is the most alive late into the night. This is where I get most of my editing done for our profile pieces. No one else is awake on the bus, there are no distractions, and I can concentrate solely on the work. I will easily work late into the night editing with the small glow protruding from my bed. 

By no means is this an accurate account of my everyday on the bus. It is at best a rough estimate of the most average day and frankly the easiest day on the bus. Often we are faced with a lot of curve balls and bumps in the road.

We all strive on the crazy work day that is Bus 52!