A Day in the Life: Routine Flexibility

Michigan / Oct. 1, 2012 / by Amy Rose
A Day in the Life: Routine Flexibility

There isn't really a typical day on Bus 52.

Every day has the chance to bring something unexpected. Last week we were at Lurie Children's Hospital and jumping out of a plane, this weekend we were shooting in a haunted house, and next week - who knows what to expect?

What can be expected is the need to be flexible.

Our wake up times this year have ranged from 4:30 am to noon, and it totally depends on when we're shooting which we might not know until that morning. Departure is our difficult time - we all have our mornings where we struggle to get out the door, and between the five of us that is quite a bit of struggling.

Then there is driving - whether it's driving to a story, our next campground, or a coffee shop there is usually a substantial amount of driving to be done. Convenience is a rarity. We've driven 7 hours to get to a story, we had a day in Nevada where we drove for over 12 hours to get to camp, and last week the closest coffee shop was 45 minutes away. It's a range and you just have to go with the flow.

After the driving a number of things can happen. Sitting in a coffee shop working for a few hours is very common, which can get frustrating but is usually pleasant. We might just go run some errands, pick up groceries, and start dinner. If we're shooting a story, it's a crapshoot. We might film a bunch of interviews, travel to five different locations, and be ducking and dodging trying not to interfere with an event. It's always a good time in the end, but sometimes it can get a little crazy. 

In the evening there is more of a routine. We get a chance for some personal time, calling friends, family, and loved ones. Catching up on work and zoning out for a little bit, eating dinner together, and watching a movie or some t.v. We all have places we like to sit, and things we like to do before bed. I like to get situated in bed to get some work done, maybe have a cup of tea, and then do some emailing and tweeting before hitting the hay.