1050 Miles.

Nevada / May 20, 2012 / by Gelb
1050 Miles.

We Drove 1050 miles this week. Covering two states, in an incredible round-about way, the team started the week off in Salt Lake City and finished it in Reno. What a week!

Sunday was Chris's birthday. I am really bad with remembering birthdays, but I will always remember Mr Simon's. 'I was born on Friday the 13th.' If you have ever known Chris for any length of time, at one point or another he drills that fact into you. His birthday was great fun, we took him out to Indian food and The Avengers, which was a fine film. Earlier in the day, he and I went to see the Mormon Tabernacle Choir - they were outstanding. We all went and toured Temple Square later in the day, and were shown around by some delightful missionaries. It's a great way to get a deeper knowledge into the history - Temple square and the museum of art and history were outstanding. I loved every minute of it.

Monday was mostly a working day. Seven needed to catch up on some editing, Amy Rose on social media, Amy Wallace on media contacts and writing, Chris had music to compose, and I had to try and figure out a way for someone to notice us or give us money. An utterly forgetful day, but a productive one (well, except for me, we still don't have money.)

Tuesday morning we had to wake ridiculously early and get the bus ready to move. We drove it to ABC4 for 'Good Morning, Utah' which was a blast. Curtis, their meteorologist interviewed us and got a tour of Stanley - it was great fun. There was this fabulous curry stand right outside that gave us some wonderful nosh for breakfast. Delicious. After heading out from the studio, we headed for our next story - Eye Care 4 Kids. We met Joseph Carbone and the rest of the members of the organization - they were so wonderful and nice - you can tell they love every bit of what they are doing. We got to see their mobile clinic, named SeeMore (brilliant.) and got to talk with patients who received the benefit of their awesome work. A great story.

Wednesday was also a busy day. In the morning the two Amys and I went to the Salt Lake NPR station, KCPW for a sit-down interview with Jennifer Napier Pierce. It was wonderful - we had 40 minutes to talk about the project (or in my case um and ah my way through talking about the project). She played clips, took phone calls, everything. 

We were double booked, however. While we three were on KCPW, Steven and Chris were meeting with a reporter from KSL back at the bus - so much media! We got our stuff together and were out of SLC by noon. We needed to get to the south of the state by the evening. Our goal: A little town called Kanarraville, UT - just south of Cedar City, the site of our next story.

Thursday we woke up bright and early, and got the bus ready to go. We headed up to Cedar City to meet the amazing people at the Happy Factory. Donna and her gang of volunteers were busy working away on little car toys made from unused wood. It was such a wonderful story - I know you are going to love how it turns out. They were so wonderful and all full of joy. We left and had to go and satisfy the craving Amy, Amy, Steven, and Chris all had for Panda Express. When we got there, the manager recognized us from Good Morning Utah and gave us all discounts and freebies! It was so great to talk to Sunnee about the project - he also gave us some good tips for later on. It's so great to meet someone totally new that recognizes you and is appreciative of your work - it was really gratifying. After Panda Express, we headed into Cedar City for a quick coffee and then off to Nevada. We have stories early next week in Reno, so wanted to get well on the way. We headed for Alamo, which is close to Area 51, but also on our route. When we arrived, we noticed that part of the tread on our tire had come off - A very irritating problem, seeing as it was one of the new tires that had been put on! Luckily there was a tire place just up the road. This was going to be expensive, but not too bad (only one tire, right..)

In the morning, we took the bus up to the tire place. They replaced the tire, but showed us the wear on all of the other ones. It was bad. they were surprised we had lasted that long. While the treads all looked fine, it was the wear on other parts that were troubling. They advised us to get to a big tire place as soon as we could to have them all replaced. The closest one was in Vegas, the opposite direction that we needed to get to. We were facing the prospect of a huge expense, one that we frankly can't really handle, or to risk it and most likely break down in the middle of nowhere. We elected for the former and called the place in Vegas.

We arrived mid afternoon and left the bus with them while they changed and replaced all of our tires. It was ready around 4:30. We really had wanted to get to Reno, so the plan was to drive from Vegas to Reno. Direct. No stops. 450+ miles, starting our drive at 5pm. We got going and made it into  our campground just outside Reno by about 2am. We were totally zonked. 580 miles in a day.

On Saturday, we woke up very late. Mostly recuperating and working, we enjoyed just sitting around. Amy made her wonderful sweet potato soup, and we all tried Tofurkey in the name of Steven's vegetarian experiment. 

It was a big week overall. Coming up, we're looking forward to stories in Reno, vegas and then onto Arizona!

Mileage: 92175