Washington, DC / Dec. 28, 2012 / by Gelb

We have just pushed out story number 100. I just checked my date-book - 1 year ago today we had gone fabric shopping for curtains and purchased carpet from Lowes. I remember my state of mind a year ago - excited, nervous, unbelieving, skeptical, anxious, impatient. Looking back, I think that if any one of us showed anything other than those things, the project woudn't have been such a success.

Why 100? No particular reason. At the very beginning, we just arbitrarily set a goal of 100 stories. We had no real idea whether or not we could do it, how they would turn out, or what they would look like, but we stuck with that number, and managed to achieve it.

It is always funny to me that the most arbitrary goals you set have the power to consume you and help structure your life, your mission, and your every day actions. 'Let's hit all of the lower 48 states' - something you throw out there and are comfortable with defending and intending to follow through. But after a 4 day layover in Idaho due to a breakdown and your story in Wyoming cancelling with your next story in Montana only 2 days away, it's those goals that serve as the kick in the pants so as not to allow you to shrug the loss of a state off to circumstance. We needed to succeed in every goal we 'campaigned' on, and we did. 48 states, 100 stories, 1 year. 

People always ask me, do I think I'd do it again? Life's always about setting goals. The 'vehicle' might change, the stakes might be higher, but the inherit drive that enables us all to do our part to help move the world is the ultimate intoxication that will always pull you back.

Photo Credit: My Buffalo