We're Finally Off!

Jan. 10, 2012 / by Chris

After years of planning, Bus 52 hit the road yesterday after a fantastic launch event held at Landon School in Bethesda, MD.  The turnout exceeded all of our expectations, with scores of family, friends, and fans turning out to tour Stanley The Bus and enjoy some delicious homemade food before seeing the team off.  We even had some fancy Bus 52 cookies!

In addition to everyone on site, we had people from around the world tune into our live broadcast on Bus52.com.  People tweeted from Minnesota, Ohio, Texas, and Massachusetts in the U.S., as well as St. Andrews and Dumfries in Scotland.

After we set off (and promptly stalled the bus shortly after leaving the parking lot) it started to set in that the dream we had all envisioned for so long was at last a reality.  The energy of everyone at the launch fed our own excitement, and we could barely sit still in our seat belts as we drove into our first state: Virginia.

We’ve set up shop in a lovely campsite, and we’re taking a well-deserved deep breath before setting out in search of stories. Thanks to all of you for your support – it makes all the difference for us as we embark on our journey.