Who's Involved

Who's Involved

Bus 52 is made possible by a great team of people. Here are the people that are giving their time to make the project possible:

Elivia Shaw - Producer -
 Elivia is a DC native who studied Film and Television Production and Middle Eastern Studies at New York University. She spent a semester training in television production with the BBC in London and has worked for two documentary production companies, MLF Productions based in New York and Fine Films in Washington, DC. Other experiences include the Tribeca Film Festival and Fox’s America’s Most Wanted. Currently, she works at the National Geographic Channel in Washington, DC in Production Management. Elivia has always had a passion for storytelling, especially those stories that redefine our perspective of the world we live in.

Dean Love - Mentor - Dean Love is an Emmy Award-winning producer based in New York City. His past projects include "The Secrets of the Virgin Queen" (National Geographic), "Musicians 4 Disaster Relief", "The Cave of the Glowing Skulls" (Discovery), "The FBI Files" (Discovery), and "Life on Mars?" (Walter Cronckite, Discovery). Dean is currently exploring the production of a feature-length documentary about Bus 52. For a more information about Dean, please visit his website here.

Ben Dell - Web Guru - A former technical developer at Punter Southall, a financial services company. Ben has over six years experience as CEO (Raw Jam) and is a former director of VIP Experience, iFindiPhone and United Playground (to name but a few). A computer scientist by training Ben, marries his technical know-how with business acumen; to powerful effect. With experience in all technical aspects of building and managing online companies, Ben specializes in integrating business and technological processes; making them easy to use and cost effective to operate and manage.


The Ground Team
Robert Gelb - Coordinator - Robert has had an interest in media and technology since early childhood. Originally from Washington, DC, Robert went to the Landon School in Bethesda, Maryland, and then to the University of St Andrews in Scotland. While at St Andrews, Robert co-hosted a weekly show for the university radio station, started three businesses, and was President of the School of History. He graduated in June of 2011 with an MA in Modern History. Robert's interest in media led him to intern with Al Jazeera in Washington, DC as well as with the US House of Representatives the following year. Bus 52 has been in development for two years, and after the project, Robert hopes to continue starting businesses and having a blast doing so. 

Amy Wallace - Amy is a native of just outside Brussels, in Belgium. She is a graduate of the European School of Brussels II and completed her undergraduate degree with an MA in English at the university of St Andrews in June of 2011. While at St Andrews she enjoyed volunteering, and enganging with different aspects of her degree, culminating in her final dissertation work discussing language in Jane Austen. She has experience interning for Hodder Consumer Education, the National Museum of Scotland Publishing, and at the European Parliament. Amy enjoys reading about technology and the publishing industry and the considerable changes that are currently taking place in the latter. Currently she is in St Andrews studying for a masters in Women, Writing and Gender. She hopes to one day work in publishing. Or else start her own Cafe, whichever one presents more of a challenge.

Chris Simon - Christopher Simon is a lifelong performer and composer of music. A native of Bethesda, MD, Chris studied music at Kenyon College in Gambier, OH.  While at Kenyon, Chris directed the Cornerstones a cappella group, was co-president of the Chamber Singers, and worked as a recording technician on student and faculty concerts and recitals. When not engrossed in music, Chris enjoys amateur astronomy and discussing the many life-applications of the TV show LOST.  

Amy Rose Chin - Amy Rose, 22, is a Houston, Texas native and one of Bus 52’s newest residents. Amy is half Jamaican, a quarter Chinese, a quarter Eskimo and 100% enthusiastic about meeting America. She is a social media fiend who in a typical day, logs onto Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Google+, Pintrest, Instagram, Foursquare, Gowalla, Yelp, Podio, Spotify, Klout and Scoutmob. Be on the lookout for Amy to “check-in” in every continental state.

Steven Hascher - Steven, 22, is a Virginia native and also a new member of Bus 52. Steven just graduated from film school and is used to being behind the camera. He loves to shoot music videos, sporting events and your everyday wedding. He’s a huge sports fan (Go Caps!) and the Bus’s resident tech guru.